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About Holistic Medicine

    The philosophy of holistic medicine is “to achieve optimal health by healing the whole person -- body, mind, emotions and spirit -- to achieve a balanced life”.

    If any one part of a person is out of balance, all of the other parts will be affected and have a negative affect on a person’s overall health. All forms of treatment are used from conventional techniques to alternative therapies to bring about optimal health and wellness.

    All aspects of a person’s life are considered during a treatment. Aspects such as other health problems, diet and sleep habits, stress, personal problems and lifestyles.

from Elizabeth Webb, PhD

            My goal is to support my clients on their path to dynamic wellness. After 30 years in the healing profession, I am always awed by the body’s ability to recover from illness and rebuild. My desire is to work with people who are committed to their healing process.

            When I speak with clients and their pets, I listen to and see their story unfold. My intuition shows me keys to various homeopathic remedies, herbs and/or nutritional needs.

            As a holistic practitioner and educator, I offer possible solutions for you to explore in order to reclaim your vitality and joy.

                                                                                                                Elizabeth Webb, PhD


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